We are passionate volunteers & software experts

Our team cares about the passionate work performed by nonprofits. We build our software to match that passion.

A desktop mockup of the Engage Spaces software, showing a report dashboard.

Who we are

We are volunteers

At Engage Spaces, our team dedicates their personal time to serve and volunteer in varying nonprofit organizations - all because we understand the impact serving has in our communities. Our team cares about the nonprofits we serve because we understand the value nonprofit partners offer to our communities.

We support your mission

Our team is committed to seeing real-world impact through the work of our partners. That's why we are committed to building the best software to serve nonprofits. We want to help you help others. At Engage Spaces, we’re more than just a software platform - we’re a technology partner.

We are experienced software experts

While every one of our team members is passionate about serving in nonprofits - our life, experience, and education remain in professional software development. Because our team is composed of software experts, we are all devoted to the long term health and vision of our software and how it serves our nonprofit partners.

Engage Spaces was developed by a team of world-class software developers, engineers and consultants located in North America - with none of our systems developed or outsourced to any third parties. Our skilled developers built Engage Spaces specifically with the vision that it would be flexible and tailored to each of our nonprofit partners, while maintaining the affordability and scalability required to meet their needs.

We value your data security

We recognize the importance of keeping your data secure and believe strong that your data should always belong to you. That’s why at Engage Spaces, our team is committed to the continual enhancement and improvement of our platforms’ privacy, accessibility, security, and data protection. We will never, under any circumstances sell your personal information or entered data.

We also pride ourselves in implementing industry standard data encryption. All of our systems, network traffic and data at rest are encrypted via 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and via high-grade security certificates implementing HTTPS. We’ve designed our users’ passwords and access to be virtually impossible to reverse engineer or brute force enter with all passwords being securely stored, salted, and hashed. And if you’re curious about how data is stored, and backed up; all Engage Spaces data is protected and secured within Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in North America - with all AWS Data Centers being certified with SOC2, PCI-DSS Level 1, and ISO 27001.

Our founder

Robin Wallar

Headshot of Robin Wallar.

Through Engage Spaces, Robin Wallar combined his passion for building software with his leadership experience in the nonprofit sector.

As a lead engineer for a K-12 LMS (learning management software) company, Robin designed and coded the systems and features used by many elementary school teachers globally. At the same time, Robin served and began to lead a burgeoning nonprofit organization that serves thousands of university students across Southern Ontario, Canada.

As the number of people engaging with the programs and events of the nonprofit grew and as they began to expand their reach, Robin recognized the need for a software that could help him scale the operations, programs and leadership development of his nonprofit. Using his software skills to solve his own organizations data collection, leadership development, and program management pain points, Robin developed Engage Spaces to be a complete solution that everyone within his organization could use to get involved, equipped, trained and empowered in his nonprofit’s programs.

Since the release of Engage Spaces in 2018, Robin has used his 15 plus years of software and nonprofit leadership experience to create a company that is passionate about equipping other nonprofits with a software partner that helps them help others.

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