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The Engage Spaces software on mobile and desktop devices.

Engage Spaces helps you...

 Increase volunteer involvement

 Measure the quantitative impact of your programs

 Collaborate between your staff and volunteers in one place

 Facilitate mandatory and customized training

 Manage programs and new initiatives at scale

    Launch events and ticket sales

 Increase volunteer involvement

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Track weekly program impact and success with automated reports

Say goodbye to out-of-date spreadsheet tracking and get real-time data about your events and programs direct from your people on the ground. Choose your questions, select your recipients, and set your collection schedule - that simple. Then automatically see the week over week, month over month, and year over year trends from across your entire organization.

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Standardize leader development and volunteer compliance with your training material

Encourage direct interaction with your customized modules, courses, and resources. Provide optional or mandatory content to develop your leaders, define organization standards and roles, and to evaluate program and content effectiveness.

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Manage event registrations, payments, communications, and tracking in one place

Generate new opportunities to attract the public into your programs, elevate member involvement, and gain valuable demographic insights. Systematically scale your program outreach by effortlessly managing all event details, communication, and ticket sales for every event all in one place.

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A robust contact management system in the hands of all of your leaders

Automatically track, categorize, and administrate all of your members’ and contacts’ profile information, custom meta-data, and program engagement records.

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Efficiently scale your operations, programs, & relationships

Ensure all levels of staff, volunteers and patrons at local, national and even global levels have access to the information they need about your programs and organization. Have control over roles, permissions and responsibilities at all layers to create security of information, accountability to responsibilities, and a sense of ownership within your organizational systems.

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Gather teams and departments so they can collaborate, share, and move projects forward

Organize all projects, initiatives or departments into their own workspace so team members can collaborate, share information and assign tasks effectively on a day to day basis. You can auto enroll groups of people into a workspace by role or past program participation to ensure the right members are always included in the right conversations.

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All your assigned tasks from across the platform organized into one convenient location

Grant everyone access to task management. Assign projects, tasks, and subtasks to any of your members while using your custom task templates, deadlines, and task progress statuses. Ensure all of your tasks are assigned, processed, and completed in the way you want them to be.

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What makes Engage Spaces the right software for your nonprofit?

We’re more than just your Software platform - we’re your Technology Partner.

Have the information and the communication systems you need to help more people.

Matching our software to your unique needs.

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What you do is unique. Our goal is to understand everything you do so that we build the right Engage Spaces platform to help you achieve your mission. From how you structure your operations to how you execute local programming on the ground, we solve your most unique needs and challenges.

Everyone in one space.

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From CEO, staff, volunteers and patrons to internal and external programs, everyone and everything can be in the same space. When everyone is engaged together in a platform, programs see repeatable, healthy, and measurable success.

Change management professionals here to help.

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We provide change management professionals who work with your team to ensure our platform helps you accomplish your mission. Our team trains you and helps you execute the best launch of Engage Spaces across your organization.

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